Welcome to DATP

A Decentralized market with P2P Ethereum network.

What is DATP ?
Decentralized Asset Trading Platform is a trading platform built to conduct transactions using third parties with P2P Smart Contract based Ethereum that use DATP Tokens as transaction fees. Making transactions quickly, becomes the latest innovation transaction and exchanges securely with the intended seller or buyer without having to exchange for large withdrawal fees. Our platform is a project using the ERC20 platform with the purpose of third party transactions using ERC-20. The crosschain protocol utilises using smart contracts implemented on both Ethereum and DATP token. These two blockchains provide two-layer accounting and assets transfer system. Instant and low-fee transactions are fuelled by DATP token.


Light UI design.

Using Material UI so that all your transactions can be completed faster and easier. Not only that, we also developed it so that it can be used in the mobile browser Dapps.


Verified Account

All accounts in DATP that can make transactions are only accounts that have been verified with KYC with the applicable standards. This is a step to increase trust between users in order to transact comfortably.


Anti-SCAM Shield

To minimize the occurrence of SCAM in transactions, the first step is that we have held the user data from KYC they did when verifying the account, the data can be used as an investigation material with the user concerned.

Token Detail

Name Decentralized Asset Trading Platform
Symbol DATP
Decimal 8
Total Supply
Contract 0x813b428af3920226e059b68a62e4c04933d4ea7a
Adjustable emission All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе burned.
Ways to purchase tokens Ethereum (ETH)

Token Allocation


Q2 / 2018

Planning and the establishment of the DATP project team.

Q3 / 2018

Expansion and development of DATP projects and starting ICO, Airdrop and Selfdrop.

Q4 / 2018

ICO, Airdrop and Selfdrop are over.

Q2 / 2019

The launch of the DATP beta testing phase.

Q3 / 2019

The launch of the DATP final phase.

Current Market




Ryandi Julian Al Maulid

Developers Assistant
Geraldine Adi R

Project & Marketing Manager
Yudi Hermawan

Community Manager
Yosua Divers Parulian A

Bounty Manager
M. Randy Chaniago